Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amigo?

Amigo is a gadget devised for the safety of your kids or elder parents at home who need care even when you are not present with them.

How will Amigo keep our kids safe?

Amigo is fully featured keeping in mind the safety feature on priority. Hence, the whole device is made for the safety of kids. Please visit our features page of website to know in detail how this device will help you in keep your dear ones safe and secure.

Is it a watch like many we get in market or stores?

Not, really! This is a gadget devised mainly for the security of your dear ones. Time only can be seen in simple watches or in mobile but these things would not ensure you about your safety.

How is this gadget different from other devices or trackers in the market?

Amigo is altogether a different gadget. the features page of the website would let you know how amigo is a unique gadget and not a common tracker.

How long will the battery last?

Fully charged device battery will last one day. Rest it depends on the usage and charging points. We recommend you to charge every night to ensure full usage the next day.

Can I track the location of my child when he is wearing the device?

Yes, the GPS system integrated in the device allows you to check the location of your child or wearer at any point of time.

Is the device water proof?

Yes, the device is 100% water proof. Its feature to ensure safety from water beeps on being left underwater for more than 30 seconds. The device keeps buzzing until someone takes it out of water and stops it. Hence, this feature clarifies that the device is water proof. Rest, please make sure to read the features or why to buy Amigo page to know in detail.

What if my kid throws the devices on the floor then will it break or stop working?

No, the device is made with superior quality material that ensures high degree protection from breakage. Yes, if hit with heavy hammer then it may break or crack down but otherwise normally on being dropped the device will remain unaffected.

Is it a phone like object?

No, not at all. The device is a safety device enriched with various features. Calling is just one common feature of Amigo and any phone. Else the device has much more features and values than a normal smart phone.

Is the device safe for my kid?

It is 100% safe. There is no harm associated with it. Your child will love to wear it and will enjoy using it.